Terms of Service

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Player approval:

1. Player is prohibited from using words that contain SARA, MANNER and insulting PARENT

2. Players are prohibited from using illegal programs (WPE, CE etc.) that can harm other players and the integrity of the server

3. Players are prohibited from using bugs that can harm the server and other players

4. It is forbidden to use BOT in any case in RuinsRO games.

5. It is forbidden to promote other Ragnarok Online Private Servers on Ruins RO

6. Do not vilify the name of the Ruins Ragnarok Online and other Ro servers.

7. It is forbidden to mock Admin or GM in RuinsRO.

8. At any time the rules can change without notifying beforehand


Rules in Game

1. It is forbidden to abuse / insult / bad-mouth the staff or RuinsRO server.
1x violation = BAN ID + BLOCK IP

2. It is forbidden to pretend to be a RuinsRO staff either intentionally or not.

3. It is forbidden to beg for items, etc., on the RuinsRO staff.

4. It is forbidden to say the words that smell SARA, Bring the name of religion, Physical, especially insulting parents.

5. Prohibited from promoting Other Online Ragnarok Private Servers on RuinsRO

6. Prohibited from using the names of characters, groups, guilds, guild titles, guild symbols with matters relating to rule number 4

7. Do not modify the original data from RuinsRO that disturbs the stability of the Server.
Note: Rule 4,6,7
1x breaking = MUTE
2x breaking = BAN permanent ID

8. Prohibited from using illegal programs such as BOT, WPE, RPE, MACRO and others.
1x violation = BAN Permanent ID + BAN IP

9. It is forbidden to use BOT in any case in the RuinsRO game.
1x breaking = Ban ID BOT + Main ID Ban 2 weeks
2x Breaking = Ban IP + BAN ID Permanent

10. Do not tell ID and game password. RuinsRO staff are not responsible for that.

11. Prohibited from Utilizing BUG in RuinsRO BAN IP + BAN Permanent.

12. RMT (Real Money Trading) is permitted, but we are not responsible if things happen that you don't want.

13. No use Name by using Bot, Wpe, etc ... Min name 4 letters

14. It is forbidden to play Azoth and Abracadabra in Maintown due to disturbing other players.

15. It is forbidden to bad-mouth other players and accuse with no very strong evidence. the reporter will be subject to sanctions starting from Mute, Banned ID and Banned IP.

16. Do not disturb the vendor by overwriting or deliberately shifting the position of another player vendor.

17. Do not disturb the guild / player by using the Lokis, Land Protector, Azoth & Abracadabra skills in other base guilds. If Violating will be subject to sanctions starting from Mute, Banned id and BAN IP.



[ This is a game, Enjoy this game ]

For players who break the rules as mentioned above, then we sanction warnings, BAN ID and BAN IP.

Thus these rules are made for convenience when playing on RuinsRO.

Note: Rules can be changed at any time without notice.